Play big without the burnout.

Play big without the burnout.

Big Self SchoolEmbrace the truest, wisest, fullest version of yourself.


Coaching, classes, books, and media to help you live and lead with purpose. Do the work that lights you up without sacrificing what matters most.

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Big Self School

There is a global crisis underfoot and it's upending life as usual for all of us.

Stress, anxiety, isolation, and loneliness - marked by moments of self-reflection and candid life analysis - require all of us to use a different set of skills.

There are a million things vying for our attention - work, kids, relationships, and all the day-to-day stuff adds up, too. We're here to offer calm, comfort, and community through the current storm.

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, as well as heightened political division and racial injustice, we can take bold steps to take care of ourselves, strengthen our relationships, and lead others with purpose.

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7 Soul Needs You Must Meet To Avoid Burnout

Burnout manifests when you chronically forsake your soul in the pursuit of success. Ready to meet your soul needs first?
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After completing this checklist you will:
- Know the 7 soul-needs you must meet in order to avoid burnout.
- Get clarity on whether you are meeting your soul needs or if you need to tap into them more.
- Find direction on how to satisfy your soul needs that aren't getting met.

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Wondering how stressed you really are (and what to do about it)?

Discover the level and severity of stress you’re encountering.
Discover resources and techniques to help move through your current stress cycle.
Discover what strategies work best to minimize stress for the long-haul. And much more…
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How you can rediscover your Big Self

Become a student of yourself

At Big Self School, you can learn skills and strategies to help you live and lead with more purpose.  We’re asking big questions and creating new conversations that are informed by a hyper-relevant deep dive into the following core areas:


Coaching & classes that are good for your soul.

All of our classes and coaching services are grounded in evidence-based science, ancient wisdom and an ethical, compassionate practice. The cornerstone of our work is being able to discern every individual's unique growth path and helping them to tap into their own inner wisdom.

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Meet Dr. Chad and Dr. Shelley Prevost

Hey there!

We’re Chad and Shelley Prevost, co-founders of Big Self School.

We believe that who you are is core to what you do.

And when you understand who you are are what your purpose is, your work in the world is impactful and pioneering. It is the work that only you can do, in the way only you can do it.

This is Big Self work.

The Big Self Podcast

Join Chad and Shelley every week as they dish on their personal growth journeys and talk to thought leaders, entrepreneurs, scholars, and practitioners about the principles and science behind Big Self work.

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