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COVID-19 is the 21st century plague, let’s treat it that way

Idon’t know how many lightbulb moments I’ve had over the past several weeks since the pandemic set in. “Reality checks” and realizations have poured over me in waves. But this week’s turning point moment felt different. It all began when I started associating COVID-19 with the Plague. Yes, the Bubonic Plague, the 1347 Black Death that raged across Europe until at least 1350, causing an estimated 25–30 million deaths in its first wave.

Unleashing Your Brain’s Potential: How Mind Training Can Transform Your Life

Increasingly we're called on to use our minds--especially our neocortex--to work in the knowledge economy. So, there's more demand on the thinking parts of your mind than ever before. And there's so much knowledge and data at our fingertips that we (ironically) almost never have the time to even know what we need to know. Maybe you don't think you have time to read this article. The good news is that we're beyond the arc of mere data splatter everywhere. We now know a lot of what to apply it toward--and why. This article discusses the process, as well as the proof, for how and why you can begin to take greater control of your mind.

Why Feeling Lost Is Necessary to Build the Life You Want

Feeling lost may be a wake-up call from your True Self.