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My Biggest Failure as an Entrepreneur

I've struggled with the fear of looking stupid for most of my life, as many women do. In grade school, I was relieved to know I had a proven roadmap guiding me towards the "right way" to win--a method for making all A's. And my fear made me competitive enough to get them in any way possible.

5 Stages of Burnout: Where Are You On The Burnout Continuum?

It’s never too late or too early to reverse your course.

5 Reasons Why Most People Never Discover Their Purpose

Over the years, I’ve heard from many clients that they’re afraid the path they've chosen isn't the right one. We are lured into thinking that the purpose of life equals upward social mobility, establishing a career, accumulating wealth, competing (and winning), and holding power. Even if we can admit to ourselves that we aren't fulfilled with success' trappings, all too often we cling to our illusions because they're all we know.