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Become the leader you were born to be.

Comprehensive and holistic leadership coaching to help you become the leader you were born to be. Our proven method equips you to overcome burnout, ego, and paralysis so you can be clear, effective, confident, and calm in your life and leadership.

Success without stress.Rediscover your Big Self.

Big ideas + True self = Big Self

We do this by helping you harness 10 main concepts of Big Self work.

At Big Self School, you'll go on a deep dive into the following core areas:


Coaching for those bold enough to take the small steps.

Coaching that combines modern mental health with ancient wisdom and sound leadership development strategy. It's coaching for the whole person.

Leadership coaching with a focus
on burnout recovery.

We coach leaders who feel burned out and stagnant. There is an imbalance in their lives, and they don't see a way to change it. They want to rebalance their life and work without losing the influence they’ve worked so hard to get.

You’re in the right place to do inner work that will spark a huge impact in your leadership and life while honoring the constraints and commitments you already have.


Educational Psychologist
Licensed Professional Counselor
Mental Health Service Provider
Enneagram Coach

Hey there! I'm Shelley Prevost.

I am an Educational Psychologist (Ed.D.), Licensed Professional Counselor with a Mental Health Service Provider designation (TN #1835), angel investor, TEDx speaker, and workshop facilitator. 

In 2010, I left my clinical practice and went to work as an internal service provider for a venture capital firm. I served as the Director of Happiness and resident shrink for four years before starting my own hardware technology company. In 2018, after recovering from deep burnout, I felt a strong calling to integrate my experience and passions in psychology, business, and leadership development to eradicate burnout and help others recover from it. This led to the creation of Big Self School.

I am a student of the Chestnut-Paes Enneagram Academy and am committed to integrating the Enneagram into my coaching. The Enneagram is a personality system that reveals our drives, motivations, mental traps, blindspots, and growth paths for psychological growth as a human and as a leader.

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Success Stories
Client Case Study

David turned to us after being in a downward spiral for years. Working as an executive in an engineering firm, he was physically and emotionally shattered. He said he was “falling apart.” He knew he needed to slow down but couldn’t see a way without abandoning his responsibilities and the people who depended on him. He was missing out on time with family and time on his beloved motorcycle. 

After so many years of chasing success, he didn’t know how to stop. He said, “It’s almost as if an invisible force is pushing me to do more, even though I have already done a lot. And it doesn't care that I’m miserable. And I don’t know how to stop it.”

Through our work together, David identified the unconscious drives and motivations that kept him revved up, but never fulfilled. He discovered how fear (both real and perceived) fueled his anxiety, but ended up sabotaging him. He got in touch with his sadness, and saw how his anger was protecting him from really feeling it. He learned to set boundaries. Step by step, he began prioritizing more time for play, rest, and connection. 

Interestingly, he realized he didn’t actually hate his job - he hated the way he was doing it.

Today, David leads an uncomplicated, happier life where he doesn’t have to sacrifice his values, health, and precious relationships in order to be successful. He’s redefined success for himself without having to make soul-shattering sacrifices. And he’s looking forward to the second half of his life and what it will bring him.

Sucess Stories
Marlena P.

"Your work in Big Self has been so helpful to me and could not have come at a better time. In just these few short weeks I have felt more grounded, secure, and enlightened and it has enabled me to move beyond obstacles that I have been struggling with for years. I feel as though I am coming around the bend and on the verge of a great many things. The final frontier is really the internal journey and worth the time and investment. My spirit and potential has been re-awakened, the future is bright, and your work has been such a blessing to me. Thank you."

Success Story
Lauren D.

“Shelley’s workshops are a wonderful respite in this current storm. She has a calming, nurturing presence and works hard to include and encourage everyone’s perspectives and experiences in the group. It is a relief to share the anxieties of this crisis with others who are all experiencing it slightly differently, but there are common themes across all of us. Shelley helps weave these together and guides us to explore the fears and emotions behind our anxiety and offers ways to help bring us to a calmer state. She is also very real and present, even online, and shares many of her own concerns, anxiety, and vulnerability which is refreshing. Thank you Shelley for your guidance, love and support!” 

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