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How Stressed Am I?

Stress can come from a lot of different places. It can be acute and feel like a “flash in a pan” due to a specific event or incident. Or it can build up over time and lead to physical symptoms, mental health disorders, and burnout. Most of us know when we’re stressed, but it can be hard to pinpoint and understand how and why it’s happening.

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Here are 23 statements with which you may agree or disagree. Using the 1-7 scale below, indicate your agreement level with each item by placing the number in the line preceding that item. Be open and honest in your response. Make allowances for any recent events that may have a disproportionate influence on your mood at the time you take the test.

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1 = Strongly Disagree 
2 = Disagree 
3 = Slightly Disagree 
4 = Neither Agree or Disagree 
5 = Slightly Agree 
6 = Agree 
7 = Strongly Agree 

***Medical disclaimer: These results are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical and/or mental health advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical and/or mental health condition.

1. I feel run down and drained.

2. I’m having a hard time focusing on tasks in front of me.

3. I find myself getting irritated easily.

4. I’m having a hard time staying motivated. 

5. I cannot relax because of all the things I could be doing. 

6. I tend to overreact to situations.

7. The daily events in my life are not manageable. 

8. Even when my body is still, I find it difficult to relax.

9. I am exhausted more often than not.

10. I find myself ruminating over things I can’t control.
I do not have time for myself.

11. It’s hard for me to shift perspective when I’m in a negative spiral. 

12. I find it hard to wind down.

13. I experience breathing difficulty. 

14. I give more than I get at home.

15. I am not focused on diet and exercise.

16. I do not get adequate sleep to maintain energy throughout my day.

17. I give more than I get in return at work.

18. I rarely make plans for self-care.

19. I don’t have time for family and friends. 

20. I avoid addressing my anxiety head on.

21. I carry unrealistic expectations for myself. 

22. I can fixate on things outside of my control.

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