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Our approach is rooted in an understanding of emotional intelligence and how this dictates behavior. You may believe it is our well-grounded logic that is in operation, but you might be surprised how emotions are the gas that fuels the fire. Every organization faces different logistical or technical problems. We don’t “solve” your problems with a one-size-fits-all, outside-in framework. We look “underneath the hood” for what the (often unconscious) human motivations and actions might actually be about. When it comes to envisioning the kind of place you want to work at–where you spend so much of your relational time and energy–this is the place to create a new reality that begins from the inside out.

Creating the Conditions Collectively

When it comes to individual coaching, you have already recognized that it is “self” work you can’t do on your own. It can be wonderful to work with leaders and other personnel in the workplace who break free from their ingrained, often unconscious habits and actually begin to grow themselves up. It is so hard to break down your defenses and admit to things you don’t do as well as you’d like to believe. But when it comes to working collaboratively and in the ideal environment you want to be a part of, it takes full participation. 

We love working with teams.

Few things are as rewarding as wading through conflict or dysfunctional dynamics that have been going on for years, and discovering clarity. To that end, we offer three services: two-hour workshops, half-day training, and coaching for partners and teams. Learn more.


Educational Psychologist
Licensed Professional Counselor
Mental Health Service Provider
Enneagram Coach

Hey there! I'm Shelley Prevost.

I am an Educational Psychologist (Ed.D.), Licensed Professional Counselor with a Mental Health Service Provider designation (TN #1835), angel investor, TEDx speaker, and workshop facilitator. 

In 2010, I left my clinical practice and went to work as an internal service provider for a venture capital firm. I served as the Director of Happiness and resident shrink for four years before starting my own hardware technology company. In 2018, after recovering from deep burnout, I felt a strong call to integrate my experience and passions in psychology, business, and leadership development to eliminate burnout and help others recover from it. This led to the creation of Big Self School.

I am a certified Enneagram practitioner through the Chestnut-Paes Enneagram Academy and am committed to integrating the Enneagram into my coaching and my own personal development. The Enneagram is a personality system that reveals our drives, motivations, mental traps, blindspots, and growth paths for lasting psychological and spiritual growth.

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Executive Coach
Certified Enneagram Coach and Facilitator
Award-winning journalist and podcast host
Creative Writing Ph.D., M.A., M.Div

Hey there! I'm Chad Prevost.

After receiving my Masters of Divinity three years out of college, I went on to get an M.A. in Literature, and a Ph.D. in Creative Writing. That led to a decade of teaching at universities and colleges in writing and literature. Since then, I have worked as a solopreneur in publishing, a freelance writer for various trades, and as a reporter, analyst, and broadcast specialist for a logistics startup. Throughout these experiences, I always wanted to get back to my early call to use my learning and skills in service to others. I’ve come out the other side as an Executive Coach. My latest book is an investigation and practical application into the Enneagram called, Shock Point: The Enneagram in Burnout and Stress.

I am a certified professional Enneagram practitioner with the Chestnut-Paes Enneagram Academy, as well as a trainer and teacher from Jerome Wagner’s Enneagram Spectrum Certification program, and have also trained with Ginger Lapid-Bogda. I am currently enrolled in the Newfield Network coaching certification program, the first program ever to be certified by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

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Success story
"My experience in the bootcamp with Shelley has helped to propel me forward in a few different aspects of my life! I'm forever grateful for her and her work with discovering my Big Self. I am always a work in progress, and will be for the rest of my life, but one of the biggest discoveries I made was all about SELF-AWARENESS. This is something that I believe most people never gain over their entire lifetimes, the lack of it allows people to just get by, settle for less, live small and/or never ever live up to their own potential.Emotionally, I can look at myself with fresh eyes, not beat myself up over life choices, past relationships or career choices because I know I'm here due to the choices I've made along the way and with what information I had up to that point. I accept myself more now after "studying" myself."



Success story
"Your work in Big Self has been so helpful to me and could not have come at a better time. In just these few short weeks I have felt more grounded, secure, and enlightened and it has enabled me to move beyond obstacles that I have been struggling with for years. I feel as though I am coming around the bend and on the verge of a great many things. The final frontier is really the internal journey and worth the time and investment. My spirit and potential has been re-awakened, the future is bright, and your work has been such a blessing to me. Thank you."



Success Story
“Shelley’s workshops are a wonderful respite in this current storm. She has a calming, nurturing presence and works hard to include and encourage everyone’s perspectives and experiences in the group. It is a relief to share the anxieties of this crisis with others who are all experiencing it slightly differently, but there are common themes across all of us. Shelley helps weave these together and guides us to explore the fears and emotions behind our anxiety and offers ways to help bring us to a calmer state. She is also very real and present, even online, and shares many of her own concerns, anxiety, and vulnerability which is refreshing. Thank you Shelley for your guidance, love and support!”