Big Self Classes

Classes that help you grow.

In our live classes, we'll teach you strategies and tools for rediscovering your purpose. Skills like building self-awareness, desire, emotional intelligence, resilience, self-care, mindfulness, and much more.

Rediscover your purpose.
Find your Big Self.

Big ideas + True self = Big Self

We do this by teaching on 12 main concepts. These are the essentials of Big Self work.

At Big Self School, our purpose is to help you rediscover yours. We’re asking big questions and creating new conversations that are informed by a hyper-relevant deep dive into the following core areas:

Self Care

This is a school for those bold enough to take the small steps.

Expert-led, interactive classes that use evidence-based research, enlightening content and practical guidance to help you grow personally and professionally.

Big Self School is for changemakers and visionaries.

Our method was created with a team of experts, ensuring that our curriculum is built on the strongest scientific foundation and most impactful theories from psychology. As part of the program, you will not only be exposed to their work, but you will also gain access to them through our Big Self community.

Want to go deeper? Join an Inner Circle.

Weekly Themes

Soul + Role
Imposter Syndrome
Future Self
What's inside?

Welcome to your Inner Circle

Inner Circles are peer learning groups facilitated by professional coaches and licensed therapists. They help you gain clarity, deepen your self-awareness, build resilience, and accelerate personal and professional growth.

Your Inner Circle is a safe place to explore your values, purpose, inner wisdom, motivations, and blindspots. And it’s a place to find support for realigning your soul with your role.

Join Your Inner Circle
Success Stories
Melissa D.

"My experience in the bootcamp with Shelley has helped to propel me forward in a few different aspects of my life! I'm forever grateful for her and her work with discovering my Big Self. I am always a work in progress, and will be for the rest of my life, but one of the biggest discoveries I made was all about SELF-AWARENESS. This is something that I believe most people never gain over their entire lifetimes, the lack of it allows people to just get by, settle for less, live small and/or never ever live up to their own potential.

Emotionally, I can look at myself with fresh eyes, not beat myself up over life choices, past relationships or career choices because I know I'm here due to the choices I've made along the way and with what information I had up to that point. I accept myself more now after "studying" myself."

Sucess Stories
Marlena P.

"Your work in Big Self has been so helpful to me and could not have come at a better time. In just these few short weeks I have felt more grounded, secure, and enlightened and it has enabled me to move beyond obstacles that I have been struggling with for years. I feel as though I am coming around the bend and on the verge of a great many things. The final frontier is really the internal journey and worth the time and investment. My spirit and potential has been re-awakened, the future is bright, and your work has been such a blessing to me. Thank you."

Success Story
Lauren D.

“Shelley’s workshops are a wonderful respite in this current storm. She has a calming, nurturing presence and works hard to include and encourage everyone’s perspectives and experiences in the group. It is a relief to share the anxieties of this crisis with others who are all experiencing it slightly differently, but there are common themes across all of us. Shelley helps weave these together and guides us to explore the fears and emotions behind our anxiety and offers ways to help bring us to a calmer state. She is also very real and present, even online, and shares many of her own concerns, anxiety, and vulnerability which is refreshing. Thank you Shelley for your guidance, love and support!”