Radical Responsibility: How Shelley Climbed Out of the Burnout Hole

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
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In this episode

Shelley shares her story of burning out and what she's done with it five years on.

Chad asks questions based on what he's hearing and thinking about from her story.

Shelley discusses how she began to take radical responsibility for herself and her "self" alone and how this led to the tipping point of recovery. We learn about how Social Twos have their own special sauce when it comes to control, and how pride takes hold of the ego.

Our Discussion

1:09--How the story has evolved

3:40--Back in 2014, I started a venture backed technology company

8:05--How Shelley refused to admit defeat for months even after the team was gone

10:20--Working 80-hour weeks

13:54--On control and the need for humility

24:06--How Shelley had to get out of the frying pan

27:00--After stabilizing, the next step is analyzing

28:37--The final step is visualizing

34:04--"We're either broken open, or we willfully shed."

35:05--Why Shelley can be grateful for her burnout now (five years later)

39:46--Expectations lead to a lot of our unhappiness

44:41--When the system doesn't work (and we don't work in the system)

49:00--The idea of radical responsibility and how it led to a turning point

53:06--Shelley's final reflection question

Guest Speakers

Shelley and Chad