Experiments with Truth with Parker Palmer

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
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Today we share a wide-ranging conversation with Parker Palmer. From acts of rebellion to the hidden wholeness of the world to the integration of the inner and outer life, as well as teaching and leadership, this conversation is rich in wisdom and hope. 

We have followed Parker Palmer’s work for literally decades, and are both thrilled and honored to have him on our podcast.  This opportunity to get a chance to meet him and reflect with him on the condition of the world right now was a real gift. We are grateful for his work and will continue beating the drum of joining “soul and role” in discovering our hidden wholeness in this corner of the world.

Our Discussion

3:32 -- Shelley shares with Parker how his work mentored her when she went through a dark time 

6:13 -- Parker begins his story as to how he started on his academic career, but felt like it wasn’t enough 

11:35 -- Shelley asks Parker about the idea of the unfolding of calling 

20:20 -- Walking in the woods is a contemplative exercise 

24:39 -- The idea that it’s an act of rebellion to try to show up in the world as a whole person 

30:00 -- The idea that for perspective, the world really does go on without us 

35:57 -- Parker’s truer calling was in writing and sharing his ideas rather than activism and what he felt he “ought” to do 

39:03 -- Failure hurts, so it’s not easy to separate ourselves from it 

46:20 -- The other thread that runs through this is that you have maintain your inner life 

51:29 -- Life on the Mobius Strip 

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Parker Palmer