Wonder + Rigor = Creativity with Natalie Nixon

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
Published on
June 19, 2023

In this episode

Creativity is not a nice to have - it’s a must have - now, during this 4th industrial revolution - and for the future of work. Natalie is the creativity whisperer to the C-Suite. Her dynamic, accessible and engaging approach has changed lives and impacted executives and leaders across Fortune 500 companies, cultural institutions, and countless individuals.

Creativity is the source of all innovation, but how can we cultivate it? Natalie Nixon defines creativity as our ability to toggle between wonder & rigor to solve problems and produce novel value. She draws on her background in business and the arts to show how we can unlock our innate creativity to produce breakthrough products and services.

We have a wonderful conversation discussing the effectiveness of creativity across industries, its place in our culture, and what we can do to generate some more of it.

Our Discussion

3:42--Natalie's response to her idea of what Big Self means to her

8:00--We say we value creativity as high level thinking but we still put it in its place and don't let it in to business contexts

11:11--The illustration from Laura Linney's acting experience

13:09--Natalie's story of getting an opportunity for a very different kind of educational experience at an early age in Philadelphia

20:37--Create the conditions for creativity in the workplace

30:40--Changing the way we intentionally create space for creativity using the Motor framework