Visualizing the process it takes to get around the world with Angela Ballard

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
Published on
April 27, 2020

In this episode

What had at first started as just a big trip slowly -- drip by drip -- got bigger and bigger until it snowballed into a six-continent trip.

How did that trip turn into all seven? Angela tells us how it works for them.

When you start to learn that people are pretty much the same wherever you go, then you’ve probably been a lot of places. You may come to the same conclusion by going nowhere, but it’s a completely different mindset when you’ve been to every continent and lived with people all over the planet.

How did a couple without big personal wealth hold down their day jobs, armed with only curiosity and a desire to educate their boys first hand, crack the code and begin traveling the world? Angela Ballard tells us about her many adventures and her many day jobs, including how she visualized what she wanted in her life.  

She also touches on habits, vocational versatility, creative visualization, what it’s like guiding undergraduates to find some direction upon graduation, and how to live in a meaningful and routine way even while traveling. Traveling with a purpose helps. So, how do you find it?

Our Discussion

2:21 we open up the podcast with Angela sharing a little about her childhood and how her upbringing shaped her into the adventurous, lifelong learner she is today.

7:15 Angela talks about how got started.

10:08 We talk about the logistics of traveling around the world for a year as well as overcoming the psychological barriers that arise.

16:09 Angela talks about some of the lessons traveling has taught her.

20:52 We talk about the fear of the unknown that Angela experienced as well and getting over it as she stepped off the plane in Madrid.

29:38 Angela's advice for someone who is feeling the call to travel and adventure in order to pursue their Big Self.

34:42 Angela talks about the sacrifices that come along with making travel a priority.

40:32 We ask Angela about her work in creativity and learning, and if a theory of creativity has informed her thinking.

44:36 Angela gives some great actionable advice while talking about her work teaching students at the university level.

48:30 We wrap up by asking Angela what she's reading, what her morning routine looks like, and what Big Self means to her.