Visualize This: Evidence to Support the Law of Attraction

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Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
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Today’s episode is focused on visualization and specifically we put on our critical thinking hats and consider how it plays into the Law of Attraction. This law can be easily misunderstood. So, we are going to explore what it really means, how it can be harnessed and why it truly is powerful when applied with discipline, and also what it is NOT.

What we focus on, we attract. The Law Of Attraction goes way beyond just 'visualizing' or 'vision boarding' our dreams. What we're ultimately doing is feeling and tuning into our vision of how we want things to be.

We discuss not only how you conduct visualization, but also how you must do so with discipline, the same way anyone trains any other part of their body.

This episode is chock full of fascinating nuggets about the brain, supported by science and evidence-based research, AND with specific takeaways that you can take with you wherever you happen to be listening.

Our Discussion

1:10--The law of attraction, what it is and how it's had some twisted iterations over the years

7:13--The question for our audience today

8:50--When Shelley first started getting intentional about visualizing in 2010

14:09--One of the enemies of learning: daring to dream

17:17--Setting the intention

25:19--Matthew Ricard, the molecular biologist who became a Buddhist monk

28:43--How you've got to train your brain

32:36--Visualization connects to RAS (Reticular Activating System)

37:40--Not like magic, it takes energizing your life in a certain direction

45:30--Start with small things and then go to big

Guest Speakers

Chad and Shelley