Transforming Relationships by Starting with Your "Onion" Self with Sajad Vahedi

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
Published on
July 7, 2023

In this episode

Sajad Vahedi is a relationship coach. We met him through our Big Self community, and recognized he has a message worth sharing. He uses the Schema Therapy framework to help clients break the toxic relationship cycle and build healthy and fulfilling relationships by becoming their authentic selves.

He believes every person has a unique gift, and if we are our truest selves, we live an authentic life, and the world becomes a rich and beautiful place with everyone serving the world by manifesting their uniqueness.

His mission is to help others become their genuine selves and find beauty in it.

Our Discussion

What does living in your big self mean to you? 2:05

Discover who you are. 4:04

Discover who you are first, then work on improving and changing.

Getting a PhD in economics and moving to Arizona.

Relationship with his partner.

The end of the journey. 9:15

Schema therapy and an integrative approach.

Understanding emotionally understanding the problem. 11:23

How does relationship coaching work? 13:25

How relationship coaching works.

The limits of cbt cognitive behavioral therapy.

People are patterns animals. 17:27

How she became a relationship coach. 19:28

Discovering his passion for psychology. 20:55

The transformation from reading psychology to studying psychology.

The importance of passion in life.

Integrating the whole dimensions of yourself. 25:47