The Power of Story, Truth-telling, and Strategic Family Planning with Hilarie Robison

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
Published on
February 17, 2020

In this episode

On this week's episode, we have a conversation with Hilarie Robison about the importance of listening well, and how that plays into good storytelling.

Hilary tells us about what she does with her work in helping people find their family stories, as well as digitizing it and making it a part one's legacy. She also talks about the why and the how it's done. What does it mean to publish a life story? What is the process like in sharing our stories with our children? A lot of it is about intention, and there's more and more research backing up the power of family storytelling and how it makes us stronger. Especially in these times of social and family fragmentation, storytelling is all the more critical. She also talks about strategic planning with the whole family, and how her faith is a part of her evolving story.

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Our Discussion

2:06: Hilarie shares a little about her personal history and the events that led her family to Chattanooga

6:48: Hilarie tells us about how her career transitioned from Ethics and Policy Studies to Memory Keeping, Storytelling, and Personal Histories

9:56: Hilarie shares a cool story about how her work benefitted a young woman going through a tough experience

13:46: We discuss the power of storytelling and the strong positive impact it has on children, as well as the biggest challenge adults face in telling their personal stories to their kids

21:41 We learn about the 20 "do you know" questions and what those questions indicate about how

25:53: The importance of family dinner in staying connected to your immediate family as well as extended family, plus a cool tip and app for keeping family records and making them accessible for your whole family

33:56 A discussion on feeling disconnected from family and ways that we can remedy this while staying authentic to ourselves

40:17 Hilarie shares about her approach to strategic family planning

43:22 We close out the episode by asking Hilarie what book is impacting her right now, about her morning routine, and what Big Self means to her.