The Habits of Stillness and Community with Ed Bacon

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
Published on
August 7, 2023

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You may be familiar with him from his Super Soul Sunday radio series and his popular interview with Oprah from over ten years ago. Whether or not you've heard him--or of him--Reverend Ed Bacon has a second mountain message we could all use in our lives.

The Reverend was ordained an Episcopal priest after serving as Mercer University’s Minister to Students and Dean of Students as a Southern Baptist minister. He was dean of the cathedral in Jackson, Ms. and rector of churches in Dalton, Georgia and Pasadena, California from which he “retired” in 2016.

He says he flunked retirement in 2018 when he became interim rector at St. Luke’s, Atlanta where he had been ordained in 1983. He and his wife, Hope, moved to Hoover, Alabama in 2016 to be near their grandchildren.

Now he travels, teaching how our Oneness in Love overcomes our fear-based separateness. He expresses this spiritual way of life in his book, 8 Habits of Love. His missions also include creation care including helping to save the Pando forest in southern Utah, interspirituality, healing grief and trauma, and dismantling systems of all forms of bigotry and oppression.

Today, he shares with us is the inspiring and challenging depths we can get to on a regular basis if we’re able to get still with ourselves. The wisdom, the ability to let go of our egoic fears, and hold on to the things that we say we value, are all a part of the message and ideas he shares with us today.

Our Discussion

What does living in your big self mean to you? 3:28

The ego and its purpose.

Making decisions based on ego strength. 9:09

Stillness is a superpower. 14:52

The ocean metaphor.

Advice for the average person who hears this message. 19:50

How to become more aware of distractions.

How to make yourself still and quiet.

How stillness opens up the learner's mindset. 22:50

The difference between fear and love.

The difference between the learner’s mind and the learners mind. 28:18

Community and practicing the habit of community.

Thomas Merton and community. 33:11

One of history's greatest spiritual revelations, the "Louisville Epiphany."

Community is the root of unity.

The sweetness of the second mountain. 38:20

Habits of love are interconnected.

The sweetness of the second mountain.

Stillness and the gift of stillness. 44:35

Guest Speakers

Ed Bacon

His 2012 interview with Oprah

Twitter: @RevEdBacon

Facebook: @RevEdBacon

Instagram: revedbacon

Check out his book here: 8 Habits of Love