The growth always hurts with Michael Thompson

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Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
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Michael Thompson grew up with severe social anxiety and a stutter. He tells us about what that was like, and then what he did when he finally decided to take on a job that was going to challenge him in a whole new way.

He applies his lessons in coaching his clients to overcome obstacles. Some people say maximize your strengths, Michael, on the other hand, takes the bull by the horns and addresses pain points as growth opportunities.

He also tells us the story about the day he lost $250,000. How did it happen? What was his response?

Michael Thompson is a career strategist who works with business professionals and entrepreneurs to open more doors and receive greater satisfaction from their work.

As a communication coach he helps business executives and entrepreneurs be successful by making the right connections. As a career coach, he’s worked with over 250+ individuals from recent college graduates to CEOs of multinationals and award-winning creatives to take the right small steps to reach their next big goal.

Our Discussion

1:29 Michael tells his story of growing up with a severe stutter and social anxiety 

3:27 Michael shares what he learned about leadership from his experience 

5:59 How stuttering taught Michael the importance of giving people room to lead themselves 

9:10 Michael shares his advice for what builds confidence 

11:49 We discuss the necessary balance of living in our strengths but also doing the things that scare us 

15:20 the IKEA effect and the craftsman mindset 

16:23 Michael shares the story about the day he lost $250,000

21:10 What his experiences taught him about happiness 

22:59 Michael shares an update on how his coaching clients are doing through the pandemic in Spain 

26:50 How to develop your self-awareness in just 4 minutes a day 

32:55 Michael shares the practices and routines that keep him focused on growth in his life 

 38:18 Michael reveals a productivity tip he learned that serves as a reminder that we have a life and not a career 

40:02 Where to find Michael 

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