The Enneagram in Stress (part 1 of 3): Body Types (8, 9, 1)

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Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
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Each Enneagram personality type have their own superpowers--their ways and means of functioning in the world--that gets them through life, helps them to survive. But these very unconscious characteristics can also create their own versions of stress. They are patterns that we usually don't even fully understand. We also don't know how to break free of them and to make them more conscious, observable, and understandable.

Today, we dive deep into what Eights, Nines, and Ones (the body types) do to survive and manage their way through life. We also look at the ways these patterns not only handle stress but also create their own stress.

For each type, we also give you coaching tips and tools on how to specifically address these issues in your efforts to create a more sustainable relationship with stress, and with all of your relationships (including your relationship with yourself).

Our Discussion

2:45--Why we're doing this series, and starting with the body types, and "why" the Enneagram

15:30--Beginning with Eights: Too Much and Not Enough

26:50--Common stressors for Eights

34:50--Nines: Waking Up to What You Want

46:52--Common stressors for Nines

51:35--Ones: Good Enough Perfection

53:00--When stress comes for Ones

Guest Speakers

Chad Prevost

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