The courage to crack addiction and follow your passion with Brian Pennie

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Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
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On today’s show we are thrilled to bring to you a very special and timely message from our guest, Brian Pennie. After spending years in a cycle of addiction, dealing with his acute anxiety, one day he had a breakthrough. This led him to develop what he calls a ‘programme for life’ to deal with mental and emotional well-being.

The program includes a vast range of tools and strategies that focus on self-awareness, decision-making, and mindset change strategies, as well as tactics to help people to boost their energy, find their life purpose, recognize negative thought patterns, and successfully navigate the relationships in their lives.

Check out his memoir, Bonus Time, here, and learn more about his message and his program at:

Our Discussion

1:53 Brian shares the story of his detox and the resulting seizure that led to his awakening moment

5:52 Brian tells the story of how his childhood trauma led to his addiction

10:30 We discuss how we are the stories that we tell ourselves and how language is a vehicle for emotion

14:40 Brian shares about the practice of mindful self observation

18:45 We discuss the importance of a structured morning routine and Brian shares his acronym for his morning routine

24:52 We discuss how we can shift our mindset to look at obstacles as a way forward and the power of being anti-fragile and growing in the face of adversity

27:34 Brian shares how the Great Britain rowing team in the 2000 Olympics inspired him to create a decision making framework that allows him to align with the right values at the right time to make the right decisions

31:10 We discuss the importance of knowing your values and Brian shares strategies to figure out what they are

Guest Speakers

Brian Pennie