Teams beat burnout at work with Paula Davis

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Long before the pandemic gripped the world and blurred the lines between home and work, we had become a nation suffering high levels of burnout. It is one of the most discussed, and far-reaching problems in the workplace today. And that is why we are covering it from a wide variety of perspectives on our podcast here at the top of the year from top business professionals and trained coaches, researchers, and leaders.

In BEATING BURNOUT AT WORK: Why Teams Hold the Secret to Well-Being and Resilience, founder of the Stress and Resilience Institute Paula Davis provides a new framework to help organizations prevent employee burnout via a holistic approach.

Her research-driven and actionable book is the first to explore a comprehensive approach for building the resilience of teams of all sizes. Her framework works with organizations ranging from Harvard Law School to Walgreens, and is aimed at reshaping the organizational policies, decision-making, and political, social, and economic issues that contribute to workplace stress.

Our Discussion

4:44--A big part of what people are getting wrong about burnout

8:42--We can't just keep approaching the systemic issue of burnout through the individual, which is what lead to the idea of working with teams first and foremost

12:06--Interesting research that you can be highly engaged and burned out

14:15--Psychological safety as a foundational element

20:16--Start with the Resilient Teams Inventory

25:10--Detecting your icebergs

29:23--The core values and powerful themes that come up for leaders that they're not always conscious of

32:40--We don't listen to understand; different kinds of listening

35:58--Suck it up and drive on and do it the way I did it

42:00--The importance of coaching

44:03--The Big Self Takeaway

Guest Speakers

Paula Davis