Staying True to Yourself in a World of Expectations with Dale Woodfin

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
Published on
May 27, 2024

In this episode

Chad Prevost and Dale Woodfin discuss their experiences with managing creativity and focus in the digital age, sharing personal anecdotes and insights on prioritizing deep work and setting aside distractions. They also discuss the challenges of pursuing a creative career, including balancing artistic vision with financial stability, and the significance of dreams and authenticity in both art and life. Dale emphasizes the importance of trusting the creative process, paying attention to dreams, and being true to oneself.

High Notes:

Creativity, art, and earning a living as an artist.

Songwriting, creativity, and career changes.

Artistic expression, compromise, and financial stability as an emerging artist.

Creativity, productivity, and setting aside time for artistic pursuits.

Creativity, art, and the sources of inspiration.

Art, creativity, and the relationship between artists and money.

Art, creativity, and style with an artist.

The importance of remembering and exploring dreams for personal growth and understanding the human condition.

Art, self-expression, and breaking through judgments.

Art, creativity, and personal growth.

Aging and creativity in the arts.

Artistic expression, creativity, and mastery.

Mastery, creativity, and staying alive to possibilities.

About Dale Woodfin

Born in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, where the Tennessee River whispers its secrets to the foothills of the South Cumberland mountains, Dale Woodfin found his muse not in classrooms, but in the free symphony of nature. This self-taught artist, graphic designer, poet, and musician grew up surrounded by the raw beauty of a rural landscape, dotted with historic scars and garage born experimental music in a community absent the curated galleries and night clubs. Instead, alternative music and the untamed processes of nature became his teachers.

While Dale continues to work as a freelance graphic designer he now pours his most creative emotions and ideas onto canvas, a vibrant dance of acrylics and mixed media. Torn fragments of his digital works mingle with acrylic paint, mirroring the fractural and sometimes twisted impressions of the contemporary world. Dale Woodfin’s art isn’t just something you see, it’s something you feel, a vibrant echo of a life lived in the less familiar spaces between.

Find Dale at:

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