Six Ways a Healthy Ego Looks Like in Relationship

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Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
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While there are nine distinctive ways that personalities show up in the world, there are also by contrast, very similar ways that all people look when their ego isn't in charge.

With steady practice in Self-Observation, Self-Inquiry, and Self-Development, you will see a healthier response to your day-to-day responses.

These are the six ways a healthy ego looks like in relationships.

Our Discussion

5:56--Three stages of observation learning

12:32--The six ways beginning with #1

16:22--The second way a healthy ego looks

17:49--The third way a healthy ego looks

22:51--The fourth way a healthy ego looks

26:21--The fifth way a healthy ego looks

29:33--The six and final way a healthy ego looks

Guest Speakers

Chad Prevost

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