Recovering from burnout and drinking mindfully with Kristi Angevine

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
Published on
April 20, 2020

In this episode

Kristi Angevine, MD is an Ob/Gyn and Physician Life Coach. She specializes helping physicians change unhelpful habits into intentional ones. Whether it’s overdrinking, overeating, overworking, excess screen time, procrastinating or simply chronically feeling overwhelmed and like there’s always something to fix, she targets unpacking old or compulsive habits to create permanent transformation. Kristi decided to become a life coach after her initial skepticism evaporated when she experienced coaching first hand. Getting coached and becoming a coach changed her life: her marriage, how she parents, her engagement at work, her own stress relieving habits, and most of all, her well being. “I believe no one can coach a physician like a physician. This is my way to give back to my colleagues who give so much of themselves.” She is a certified Life and Weight Loss coach through The Life Coach School. Kristi and her husband have two children, and she makes time for things like being on as a podcast guest by waking up very early.

On today’s episode she discusses

When is the end in sight for the current pandemic? How uncertainty can be a good place to be when it comes to lifelong struggling between faith and doubt, but uncertainty between what emergency room you run to is different, and how there are different responses to feeling lost. She also has some powerful thoughts on mindful drinking, habits, and just how far willpower can get you.

Our Discussion

2:26 Kristi talks about the Covid-19 climate in her region and practice as an OB-Gyn

7:41 Kristi shares her journey to becoming a Physician

11:13 We ask Kristi about her personal experience with burnout and how she found her way through it

14:41 The stressors that followed Kristi on her move to Bend, Oregon and how she stumbled into life coaching

18:55 Kristi tells us how she's integrated life coaching into her practice

22:31 What Kristi would tell someone who is struggling with their drinking right now

26:29 We can be aware of a habit that we aren't happy with, but how do we translate that awareness to behavior change? Kristi gives us her take on this.

31:24 Kristi share a really interesting perspective on sitting with and actually recognizing what it feels like to want something and choose not to give in to that urge

34:36 When we're unwinding ourselves from one habit should we always replace it with another? Kristi gives some great advice around this adage

39:43 Kristi shares some advice about how to develop some structure and good habits during Covid-19

46:09 We wrap up this podcast by asking Kristi what she's reading, what her morning routine looks like, and what "big self" means to her