Realistic Optimism through Burnout with Sally Clarke

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
Published on
May 29, 2023

In this episode

Sally Clarke is an author, speaker, researcher and burnout expert and Co-Director at Human Leaders. A former finance lawyer, she works with leaders and organizations around the globe to embed wellbeing at work so people and business thrive. Sally's latest book, ‘Relight Your Spark’ guides individuals on how to heal and evolve after burnout. Her book Relight Your Spark, is a practical guide to all things burnout, affordably priced, and also details her personal journey with burnout. Like so many of us, she bought into the belief that if you make it to a prestigious workplace and you just grind hard enough long enough you’ll somehow make it to the other side a fulfilled and joy-filled person. It’s amazing how often we hear the accounts of how this illusion doesn’t turn out the way we believe it will, but we continually and repeatedly keep living it out, almost as if we just don’t know what else or how else to live what we think of as a successful life.

Our Discussion

4:13--Sally's answer to what Big Self means to her

10:00--How burnout is complex but it's not just about taking the fish out of the water for a little while and then putting the fish back in

14:25--Evaluating what "being successful" really means

18:33--The Four Steps of moving through burnout according to Sally's framework from her book

20:57--The myth of we have to do it ourselves

27:19--There is a lot we can do in spite of how burnout is actually continuing to grow right now

Guest Speakers

Sally Clarke