Mirror mirror on the wall with Tara Well

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Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
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Although Tara Well, PhD calls herself a “mirror-gazing expert,” what this really means is that she helps people find a way back into themselves. She does that by teaching self-compassion through Mirror Meditation.

After many years of disregarding her feelings, Tara found that something as simple as looking into the mirror can help with self-awareness and emotional regulation. Now, she shares her method with others — and it seems to be working miracles.

But those miracles are well-backed by science. Tara is an associate psychology professor at Barnard College of Columbia University, where she teaches the theoretical base for her mirror work. On top of that, she writes a column for Psychology Today called The Clarity.

Our Discussion

2:41 Tara explains Mirror Meditation 

5:47 Tara shares the challenges that people face with Mirror Meditation 

10:49 Self awareness and body awareness as part of Mirror Meditation 

13:09 The first shift Tara sees in her clients once they start Mirror Meditation 

15:35  Finding your true self under the layer of self criticism 

17:45 The power of self talk and techniques to manage your inner critic 

19:22 The technique of video journaling 

26:53 Video journaling and its impact on image management 

31:36 The mirror and narcissism 

38:10 Tara shares how people react when she tells them that she is a Mirror Gazing Expert 

39:36 Shelley shares a quote from Joseph Campbell 

41:51 Tara shares about her book and where you can find her 

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Tara Well