Listening to find your purpose, and listening as good business with Kenny Morgan

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
Published on
April 14, 2020

In this episode

How do people find purpose? What is Counsel Creative all about? What’s it like to start a business with your spouse? Was it a calling? What was the leap that started building something from nothing? We have questions. Kenny Morgan has some of the answers. At least for how it’s worked for him so far.

From falling in with the cool kids in the music industry to pivoting to marketing and design and branding and development. He didn’t know where he was headed when he started off on the road on the Vans Warped Tour, he just knew the internship was a cool opportunity. He had always had an interest in visual design but never followed it as something that he thought was actually a path to making a living.

Even when he got his first job at a printing company, at first he feared they’d realize he had no real background in visual design. But the opposite happened: they kept promoting him, and he kept figuring out how to evolve and adapt into the challenges and expectations around him.

Along the journey he had some good mentors and corporate and agency experiences, but he had also done something else. Unlike a lot of his creative friends who also went to college, and majored in design and other creative approaches, Kenny went the business and marketing route.

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Our Discussion

1:01 We kick off the podcast with Kenny telling us about his start in the music industry with the Warped Tour
4:09 Kenny tells us about a phone call that changed the course of his career
7:21 The interesting, non-traditional route that Kenny took to owning his design agency
11:17 We discuss why Kenny encountered imposter syndrome and how he overcame it.
13:35 Kenny tells us about how he was able to discern his calling and take that leap into building it from the ground up
19:28 How a trip to the Smoky Mountains put everything into perspective for Kenny and his wife and Counsel Creative was born.
21:43 How Kenny uses his gift of discernment at Counsel Creative to determine whom to team up with.
27:08 Counsel Creative has some great company values. Kenny talks about each one and why they're important in his business
33:54 We discuss an inevitable part of business--failure. Kenny tells us how they deal with it at Counsel Creative.
37:42 Kenny talks about the importance of knowing what you can actually give to a company by niching
40:20 Kenny answers our 3 Big Self questions