Letting your life speak with Jordan Gross

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Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
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Jordan believes that personal development is a never-ending process of imagining who you want to be, interpreting why you want to be that person, creating a plan to get there, and then implementing that plan in the most enjoyable and fulfilling way possible.

He helps guide people to think differently and make daring changes in their lives. Jordan is trailblazing in the personal development field by using creative storytelling to allow people to gather their own insights from the characters he creates and the stories he shares.

He’s a former startup founder, restaurant manager, and soccer goalie. A solopreneur, podcast host, and 2x TEDx speaker, he is also the #1 bestselling author of Getting COMFY: Your Morning Guide to Daily Happiness and The Journey to Cloud Nine.

Freebie from Jordan: 61 of the Best Personal Development Books Summarized in One Sentence.

Our Discussion

2:20 Jordan shares about his soccer journey and the experience of close but no cigar

9:27 How that same theme carried over into his experience of trying to get a consulting job 

11:46 Jordan shares what these experiences revealed to him about life 

13:34 How this experience led him to where he is today 

18:06 The conversation shifts to the topic of luck 

21:17 Jordan shares his life motto

22:33 Shelley shares a story that speaks to the power of reframing and rethinking about challenges in life

26.22 Three ways to redirect when things aren’t working out 

28:54 Shelley talks more deeply about failure and ego

30:36 Jordan explains why he is more open to failure at this point in his life 

32:29 Jordan shares about his morning routine and explains the C.O.M.F.Y acronym  

38:59 His No News Challenge

41:32 Where to find Jordan

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