Let's make Thursday the new Friday with Joe Sanok

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On this week’s episode we speak with Joe Sanok. In 2012 Joe launched Practice of the Practice to blog about what he was learning about business, marketing, and private practice. Since then, his income has gone up over 2,000%. In the beginning, he was making around $1000 per month. In 2015, he grossed over $200k. By 2019, he had sold his private practice.

Joe is a keynote and TEDx speaker, business consultant, and podcaster. He has the #1 podcast for counselors, The Practice of the Practice Podcast, which btw is a great podcast for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs as well.

Joe is also the author of five books and has been named a top Therapist Resource for his podcast, blogging, and consultant services.

His approach incorporates story, humor, research, and practical application.

The pandemic has forced conversations about meaningful change at work, and shown us that we can live differently. A remarkable positive consequence of this worldwide lockdown is the experiment it inherently created by everyone abruptly and continuously working from home and making our own schedules.

The last year has proven to even the skeptics, that work can be done differently. Will the change be permanent? Or will we, as usual, return to what we know? We’ve been asking this question on several recent episodes. Will we allow the Industrialist mindset to continue to define our week or will we reinvent ourselves and our time?

Joe has just released a new book on this very subject, THURSDAY IS THE NEW FRIDAY is essential reading for anyone in search of both peace and fulfillment. In 2021, that’s very nearly all of us. This book is inspiring and instructive and we are thrilled to have Joe join us for today’s episode.

Our Discussion

3:42--The big shift that we're moving away from self-help type of books

7:04--In looking back Joe always got the most done during 4 days and the most important stuff always naturally rises to the surface

9:15--The difference between hard and soft boundaries

11:39--Boundaries are the actions we take to protect our values

15:32--What the Sprint Type is and how it's a helpful measurement for determining how we might work best with our values and boundaries

24:40--Setting expectations and boundaries at home is essential

27:40--The Industrialist mindset and how things have remained the same since 1926

33:36--We're an Enneagram 3 culture

41:00--How teams can work together to establish boundaries together while also maintaining their revenue and productivity

44:50--There are always going to be people who are against this thinking, but let's aim for the middle

48:59--The Big Self Takeaway

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Joe Sanok