Is the Great Resignation a Trend or a Fad?

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Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
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What is the Great Resignation? What's causing it? What are companies doing about it? And what's our final takeaway?

The Great Resignation is a term first used by Anthony Klotz, a psychologist and associate professor of management at Texas A&M University, during an interview with Business Insider. It describes a profound shift in the way Americans are viewing their relationship to work over the past four months.

For four months in a row, a record number of Americans are quitting their jobs. In July, the last month for which the Bureau of Labor Statistics published data, 3.98 million workers quit; that's slightly lower than the record-smashing 3.99 million quits in April.

So what about it from an individual and collective level?

Our Discussion

2:23--The Great Resignation is a thing

5:29--Burnout a contributing factor

6:45--Still "missing quits" in the system

9:08--A high-level tech employee who is disgruntled

13:28--Are we seeing companies do anything to address the situation?

18:12--People are the most complex and least understood asset

23:49--People are adults

25:29--Will we just go back?

Guest Speakers

Chad Prevost, Shelley Prevost