How you can be more productive and fulfilled with Melissa Gratias

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Dr. Chad Prevost
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Melissa Gratias, a Ph.D. in organizational psychology, is an international speaker, coach, blogger, and author. For more than 20 years, Melissa’s coaching and consulting work has improved productivity for multinational, billion-dollar companies as well as individual solopreneurs. She creates workable systems so people can accomplish their professional goals in less time and with less stress. As a result, thousands of business owners, CEOs, and other overwhelmed professionals have become more focused, effective, and balanced in their lives and work. 

You know a lot of people listening may feel a sense of burnout already, and the very idea of trying to be more productive might sound off-putting. People don’t just want to be the sum total of what they get done. We also know--and what Melissa helps people she coaches to try and understand--is that productivity problems are basically people problems. We don’t always understand why we’re not getting more done with our time even when we want to. Melissa discusses how she helps people frame their “Why?” behind the issues that get in the way of their productivity.

Our Discussion

2:27 Melissa shares what led her to organizational psychology, specifically the area of productivity 

4:46 Melissa answers why determining your why is so important to being productive 

8:36 Melissa reveals the biggest productivity problem that she sees: perfectionism 

11:26 Shelley asks Melissa how she would define being productive 

14:13 Your to-do list is a crystal ball that predicts your future 

16:20 Melissa shares why she doesn’t use the word habits with her clients and how she relates habits to Shawshank Redemption 

18:08 Melissa explains the power behind rituals and why she encourages her clients to establish intentional rituals over habits 

19:19 How you can use rituals to launch you into tasks that you typically procrastinate 

22:13 Productivity as a mindset 

23:42 Shelley has an a-ha moment 

26:47 Melissa shares some recommended practices for productivity 

30:57 We discuss the concept of micro-moments and how to handle competing priorities 

36:46 Melissa shares the productivity tip that works best for her

37.48 Where to find Melissa

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Melissa Gratias