How Do Creativity and Financial Stability Co-Exist? with Charles Moss

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
Published on
June 13, 2024

In this episode

Chad Prevost and Charles Moss discuss their experiences in creative freelancing, sharing personal struggles with imposter syndrome and financial stability. They emphasize the importance of persistence, resilience, and community support in navigating these challenges. They also discuss their experiences in the music industry, finding a balance between creativity and financial stability. Finally, they share strategies for maintaining focus and productivity in a highly distracted world, including time-boxing and reward systems.

Possible Follow Up Items:

  • Check out Jose Saramago and Gerald Stern as examples of writers who found success later in life.
  • Consider reading Shop Class as Soulcraft to explore the value of work.
  • Try the productivity technique of working for 45-50 minutes then taking a 10 minute break on a completely different task.

High Notes:

Challenges of making a living as a writer with various publications and freelance work.

The challenges of being a freelance writer, including finding time to write and balancing creative work with financial needs.

Freelancing, job searching, and nonprofit work in the music industry.

Freelancing, writing background, and career aspirations.

Learning from struggles and finding new opportunities.

The struggles of freelancing, creative writing, and balancing financial stability with personal goals.

Starting writing careers later in life, with examples from Jose Saramago, Gerald Stern, and Cormac McCarthy.

Creating Choose Your Own Adventure books for kids, challenges with marketing and promotion.

Creative expression, failure, and market competition.

Authentic living, creativity, and fulfillment.

Fear, authenticity, and creativity with a focus on overcoming self-doubt and persisting in pursuing one's passions

Creativity, writing, and overcoming self-doubt.

Managing distractions and staying productive while working.

Choose Your Own Adventure books, highlighting top 5 favorites.

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