How Career Shapes Our Identity but Not Our True Self with Richie Daigle

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
Published on
May 13, 2024

In this episode

Chad Prevost and friend of the show, Richie Daigle, discuss their experiences with identity and purpose, exploring the complexities of being identified by one's profession. Richie shares his struggles with being defined solely as a professional baseball player after his playing career ended, and what he did upon graduating during the economic recession of 2008.

They delve into the idea that our actions and experiences offer glimpses into our character, and emphasize the importance of embracing failure as a learning opportunity. They also examine the concept of true self, recognizing the importance of acknowledging and accepting our complex and dual nature.

They conclude by emphasizing the ongoing nature of self-discovery and personal growth, and the value of introspection and self-awareness in leading oneself first before attempting to lead others.

High Notes:

Identity, career paths, and personal growth.

  • Richie Daigle shares his experience as a semi-pro baseball player and almost-famous person.
  • Richie's shares his diverse work experience, including bartending, baseball lessons, and insurance sales.

Self-discovery, failures, and personal growth.

  • Chad and Richie discuss the concept of identity and how it relates to their experiences and actions.
  • They explore the idea that our actions and experiences can reveal aspects of our identity, but are not solely defined by them.
  • The stigma around labeling failures and the importance of exploring emotional responses.

The nature of struggle and its impact on life.

  • The idea that desire and motivation are propelled by the mystery of life and death.
  • Chad shares a tool from Phil Stutz and Barry Michaels' book, which involves visualizing oneself on deathbed to create urgency and motivation.

Embracing authenticity and living in the present moment.

  • Emphasizing the importance of enjoying the process rather than just focusing on results.
  • The shift from linear thinking to embracing the act of competition and enjoying the journey.

Authenticity, true self, and the complexity of human nature.

  • The concept of authenticity, and how it's difficult to define.
  • Authenticity can be both off-putting and make others feel uncomfortable, as seen in Enneagram types and overly caring individuals.
  • Richie questions the idea of a "true self" and the concept of removing the ego.

Personal growth through self-awareness and recognizing brokenness.

  • On leading oneself through self-awareness and disruption to uncover hidden truths about oneself.
  • A prayer by Thomas Merton, emphasizing the importance of desire and trust in God's guidance.
  • The idea of recognizing and embracing one's brokenness as a means of growth and learning.

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Riche Daigle

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