Finding Clarity and Purpose Through Coaching with John M. DeMarco

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
Published on
June 24, 2024

In this episode

Chad Prevost and John M. DeMarco discuss their paths to coaching, emphasizing the importance of building relationships, trust, and connection in their practices. They also explore the evolving nature of careers and skills, particularly among younger generations, and highlight the need for intentional training, experience, and learning agility to navigate this landscape.

And what about the importance of clarity in intention, mindfulness, and coaching, and the interconnectedness of physical, emotional, and mental well-being? And how could we forget the intricate dynamics between artificial intelligence and humanity, emphasizing the need for a balanced approach to AI and the importance of understanding and compassion in our interactions with others.

High Notes

Career journey from writing to coaching.

Career transition from ministry to coaching, emphasizing skills development and personal branding.

Coaching people to clarify their intentions and set achievable goals.

Mindfulness, coaching, and connecting physical and mental well-being.

Self-criticism, writer's block, and the importance of intention and self-compassion.

The power of intention and coaching.

Balancing expertise and growth mindset in professional life.

Staying human in a world of AI, focusing on empathy, strategic thinking, and soft skills.

AI's impact on society, coaching, and meaning-making.

Top Five and Why Most Misunderstood Conceptions about Coaching.

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