Every time you must go first: Getting okay in an upside-down world with Allison Foster

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Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
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Making the mind body connection helps us literally connect with ourselves, but what does that mean?

Yoga leader Allison Foster tells us how connecting breathing with your thinking and feeling can be like an incarnate experience, being fully present in the person that you are in the present moment.

It may be one thing to slow your body -- like going to sleep or taking a nap -- but there isn’t as clear of a way to slow your mind.

Your mind need’s a job. Let it do what it’s good at, what it’s designed to do. Harness your mind.

Allison also openly discusses her transition through a divorce, figuring out how to really embrace developing a Yoga community, plus the real challenges of going through the process of believing in abundance as opposed to living in fear.

What do we need to get unstuck? Allison explains her personal experience and isn’t afraid to be open and vulnerable and let it all out.

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Our Discussion

2:43 Allison wastes no time dishing out the wisdom on connecting mind and body
7:07 Allison shares some tangible advice on how to harness your thinking as you connect to your breath.
11:21 We talk about accepting what is and dealing with the paradox of doing something and doing nothing during our social isolation
15:12 How a simple thought of gratitude allows Allison to be a little more okay with the unknown
17:31 Allison shares about some transitions she's going through right now and how she overcomes limiting beliefs
26:53 Allison shares a really beautiful story about how she became whole again after moving through some difficult transitions.
30:08 Our conversation shifts to how men's acceptance of yoga has changed over the years
33:34 You've heard the adage that the first step is the hardest, but Allison shares a cool perspective that differs from that
36:05 Allison shares what her favorite poet, David White, has taught her about what being grounded means
42:14 Allison answers our three Big Self Questions