Enneagram 9s Talk Anger, Self-Forgetting, and Vulnerability

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
Published on
July 18, 2021

In this episode

Shelley speaks with two leaders who recognize the 9 within themselves. These two leaders, Suzanna Cooper and Lesley Scarce, have been working on their personal inner growth through the lens of the Enneagram for years now. They offer their deep insights into what it means to function as a body type, how they work with anger, and how they do or don't "self-forget." What does it mean for leaders when they're willing to do the self-development work themselves? Does it really benefit everyone? Is it possible to be vulnerable as a leader with your team? How does it impact their personal relationships as well as their professional?

We bring new levels of awareness and personal growth to you through the multi-faceted lens of the Enneagram. We bring you experts and leaders from all the stratification of personality types and human experiences.

Our Discussion

2:24--Suzanna introduces herself

3:35--Lesley Scarce introduces herself

6:37--Shelley asks the panelists what it's like to be a body type

10:42--Shelley asks the panelists how aware they are of when the process of body awareness is happening

18:49--Shelley asks the panelists if they'd be willing to talk about their anger

22:40--The 9s adaptive strategy is to fall asleep to themselves

32:27--The passion of the 9s is the "sloth," also described as self-forgetting

40:00--When we do the inner work on ourselves, it builds trust with the team

45:55--When we do the work everyone around us benefits. Shelley asks the panelists what they've experienced as leaders when they've done the self work of personal inner growth

Guest Speakers

Suzanna Cooper and Lesley Scarce