Enneagram 7s Talk Head Types, Joy, and the Virtue of Sobriety

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Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
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Enneagram 7s don't like constraints. They tend to want it all, and they have a lot of the tools for getting it. They're head types with the ability to solve a lot of problems through their own structures and spreadsheets. At the same time, they're upbeat and positive. They have loads of interests and plenty of energy.

What could go wrong?

Sometimes that can be a little complicated. One of the answers our panelists discuss is that trying to blind yourself to pain doesn't always work because life doesn't accommodate your avoidance. It still keeps coming. Also, sometimes being a Seven can be like a "river without banks." You need constraints and boundaries to stay contained and focused.

As we conclude our first series of Enneagram panelists spanning the spectrum, Sevens discuss the joys and sorrows of being a Seven. Each of them is doing a lot of growth with their wings and arrows, passions and virtues. Each has their own way of engaging with the world. Today they give us a glimpse of that inner reality, and in vulnerability and discernment, show us a way forward.

Our Discussion

1:38--Justin introduces himself

3:23--Elle introduces herself

6:30--Erin introduces herself

9:38--Elle discusses the differences between how she communicates as a head type and her heart type partner

12:24--Justin discusses how surprised he sometimes is by his analytical side because he is also constantly wanting to have fun, especially in the eyes of others

14:28--Erin agrees with the other panelists but as a counter type (social 7), she also discusses the fear side of being in the thinking side of her own center of intelligence

34:14--Elle talks about getting real through the virtue of Sobriety

35:58--Justin says that as a 7 he can be like a river without banks

37:06--The ego of the 7 is so blinded from pain

40:00--How the panelists lean into their six and eight wings consciously and unconsciously

45:47--How the arrow work helps in growth

53:54--Coming back to mindful practices

Guest Speakers

Justin Sainton, Elle Worsham, and Erin Maslowski