Enneagram 5s Talk Holding On, Feedback Loops, and Learning to Trust

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Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
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Today we speak with Richie Daigle and Chris Schoolcraft, two Fives who have done a lot of work to under their personalities and how they show up in the world.

We discuss what it's like being a headtype as our center of intelligence, and how they hold on to their knowledge and skills and share it only when they feel completely ready.

Fives highly value working independently. They're more comfortable with data and facts than with people and emotions. They also tend to see the work they do through the lens of information that needs to be mastered in order to get the job done. Fives sincerely enjoy learning and you can count them to provide a high level of expertise and authoritative information when given the time to prepare. They also make for good listeners and you can count on them to stay focused on their tasks.

We discuss all this and much more on this week's Enneagram Five episode.

Our Discussion

1:16--Richie Daigle introduces himself

3:35--Chris Schoolcraft introduces himself

5:52--Richie discusses what it was like being in his head as a semi-professional baseball player

8:05--Chris talks about being disconnected from his heart and body (as a head type)

16:25--Richie says he feels like Fives need a certain sense of control

20:50--It's like being out on a frozen pond and not being sure the ice can hold

28:59--Having had people encroach on their boundaries, Fives can sense from a long way away if someone is being nosy

34:02--Shelley asks the panelists about the passion of Avarice

38:42--The idea of being prepared is really important

42:45--Chris discusses how he may avoid things by generating a defense of indifference

47:55--Chris has tried to trust more and think less when it comes to his growth path

51:33--Richie talks about getting stuck within feedback loops

Guest Speakers

Richie Daigle, Chris Schoolcraft

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