Enneagram 3s Talk Work, (Self)Deceit, and Compassion

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
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Our two Enneagram 3 panelists this week have done a great deal of work on themselves. While Jim Gum certainly has done a tremendous amount of work over his 30 years of working with the Enneagram, Steph Barron Hall's six years or so has brought her a long way as well.

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Our Discussion

1:25--Jim Gum introduces himself

3:42--Steph Barron Hall introduces herself

7:41--30 years ago, Jim discusses the intense emotional conflict he was experiencing before he learned about the Enneagram

12:30--Steph discusses the validation she felt that 3s are potentially the most emotional type of all

18:55--Steph agrees with Jim's point about feeling fragile, and goes on to explain her experience as an Instagrammer

33:55--Jim discusses how he has grown out of always having to do something even on his time off

40:41--Jim discusses the Thomas Merton prayer that he's memorizing, and also the concept of deceit and how that plays into our lives (and specific to 3s)

53:35--Steph discusses the importance of self-compassion for her inner growth

62:30--How 3s are so misunderstood

Guest Speakers

Jim Gum, Steph Barron Hall

Steph mentions Susan David's Emotional Agility as a helpful book she's recently read.