Enneagram 1s Talk Anger, the Inner Critic, and Serenity

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
Published on
July 25, 2021

In this episode

Type 1s are known as Reformers or Perfectionists. They're also body types, and when it comes to relating to others they can house a lot of energy inside themselves, often in the form of anger. In this episode's discussion, we meet Angie Liski, Kristi Rider, and Randa Hinton. We learn a little more about what makes these types tick, especially when it comes to dealing with anger and the inner critic.

*The sound quality on this episode is sub-standard, and we apologize for the issues which have been addressed in all other panelist interviews in this series.

Our Discussion

2:00--Kristi Rider introduces herself

3:50--Angie Lisky introduces herself

6:05--Randa Hinton introduces herself

8:16--How Randa carries "the weight of the world" in herself and how learning about how 1s are body types have helped her understand and transcend being a body type

9:59--How Angie channels her anger and how it works in the body

11:45--How for Kristi being a body type means knowing things quickly

13:41--How does being a 1 translate into their work and leadership

19:50--How do 1s deal with their inner critic

32:05--A brief discussion of the varieties of subtypes in 1s

37:08--The virtue of Serenity

Guest Speakers

Angie Liski, Kristi Rider, and Randa Hinton