Empowering Creative Leaders: Whiteboard's Visionary Approach to Agency and Advocacy in Business

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
Published on
May 16, 2024

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Today's conversation revolves around the role of creativity and entrepreneurship in shaping culture, the importance of belief and support in creative collaboration, and the challenges of bringing creative visions to life. Taylor Jones and Eric Brown emphasize the need for a holistic approach to culture building that prioritizes both individual and organizational well-being, and highlights the potential drawbacks of remote work while acknowledging its benefits.

They also discuss the dangers of selfishness and isolation, and the value of self-awareness in avoiding burnout and recognizing one's limitations.

High Notes:

Creativity, entrepreneurship, and making a brighter future through a creative agency.

Co-founders of discuss creative agency's origins and new book "Agency".

The role of websites in making ideas real and supporting visionary leaders.

Eric and Taylor discuss how they started a web design business in a dorm room and have since worked with over 500 clients, including nonprofits doing big things.

Whiteboard's reputation grew as they embodied posture of belief, support in work.

Creative vision and agency, challenges of bringing ideas to life.

Creatives often struggle with balancing vision and hard work in pursuit of their goals.

Agency and its tensions between self and others, mission and mastery.

Balancing personal growth and mission in work.

Tension between pursuing personal growth and collective mission/purpose.

Personal ambition and its impact on work culture.

The 4 quadrants of personal ambition: isolation, loneliness, vanity, and manifestation.

Agency, leadership, and work culture.

Self-care, creativity, and technology addiction.

Eric discusses his experiences with mentoring and finding joy in helping others and sharing with struggles related to technology addiction.

Agency and creativity with whiteboard co-founders.

Whiteboard team hosts May Day in Chattanooga, Tennessee, for creative leaders and entrepreneurs.

Show Notes:

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Taylor Jones and Eric Brown