With or Without You: Does Your Personality Change?

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
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In this episode

The idea of this episode came out of a recent media sensation from a study done in Florida, and it showed some shifts in the personalities of the 7,000 people it studied.

The headlines are all over the place. (Several links provided below in our show notes and links.)

On today’s episode we break down the latest findings, if they even matter for our understanding of personality, and why we want you to get a little clearer on what all this chatter is about when it comes to our personalities.

First of all, like we need to do with a lot of these topics, is define our terms: What do we mean by personality? What does the media mean? And also, besides the media attention and the fact that we do work on understanding our personalities, how is this a relevant topic for the Big Self Podcast?

Our Discussion

2:41--Why is this topic relevant?

5:52--The importance of social skills as researched for the past 100 years

10:10--We need help in understanding ourselves

14:45--The idea of falling asleep to ourselves

21:15--Why researchers narrow it down to five criteria only

21:50--The Five mainstays of personality research

27:07--At higher levels of awareness people start to look alike?