Co-Creating the Power of Joy with Anne Scottlin

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Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
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Anne Scottlin is on a mission around the world to help people from business executives to creatives to startup employees who wear a lot of hats to find their joy. What does joy mean? What does it mean to possess it and carry it around with you wherever you go? Tune in to find out.

Plus, how Anne practices her own methods in her life. Also, what happened when Anne mind-mapped her life and connected the dots from Medieval literature to acting to altruism around the world supporting oppressed women.

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Our Discussion

3:40--The difference between joy and happiness

6:00--Wishful thinking and how to overcome it, and how Anne's early experiences led to her life journey of finding joy and then wanting to share it with others

11:40--The relationship of the PERMA model

17:25--What Anne advises when people want to make a career transition

24:25--The conflict that creating such deep individualism often brings

33:46--We tend to remember where we fell short

40:00--The Big Self Takeaway

Guest Speakers

Anne Scottlin

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