Change your life by changing your questions with Tom Heffner

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
Published on
April 7, 2020

In this episode

Tom Heffner consults with businesses and organizations across many different industries, including consulting, banking, education, product development, law firms, Dept of Defense (DoD), and the military. He specializes in helping them to build their own innovation capabilities and to solve complex and multidisciplinary problems.

If you or your organization is struggling to think creatively, to build an innovation capability, or just to improve the way you solve problems, Tom is a master. This week's episode is stacked with specific, actionable and practical advice on how to make small but powerful changes right now.

Our Discussion

2:08 "Change your questions and you'll change your life" Tom explains what that means to him and how he uses this strategy with his clients.
5:15 How curiosity can help us view these uncertain times through a lens of opportunity versus a lens of fear.
6:48 Tom shares a fantastic resource to help you recognize your strengths and find more happiness and well-being in your life.
10:02 How did Tom go from engineering Combat Systems that protect soldiers at war to the world of strength-based and positive psychology?
14:28 Tom talks about the background of Master Resiliency Training in the military and helping soldiers be more resilient, as well as how the average, everyday person can use these tools to be more resilient.
19:12 How "thinking traps" work for us and against us
21:29 A deeper look at the ABC method, a tool used to help people see how they form their beliefs about a situation
27:26 Habits, motivation, willpower, processes...we talk about how all these pieces to the puzzle fit together
33:07 What about bad habits? We discuss the driving force behind them and what you need to get really clear on to break them.
38:45 Tom describes how design thinking and positive psychology overlap
46:27 Tom gives some really valuable, tangible advice on the questions and we should be asking in a post-Coronavirus world
57:11 We wrap up this episode by asking Tom about his podcast and what 'Big Self' means to him.