Bonus Episode: Writing your way to freedom with Megan Holstein

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Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
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How Top Medium Writer Megan Holstein went from young entrepreneur to discovering the life of a writer. How she works through resistance, what she advises on figuring out how to get paid to live the life you love, and how less is more when it comes to goals. She's also a big proponent for minimalism both in terms of her "to do" list each day, as well as her material possessions. She also discusses her productivity experiments. She offers a step-by-step for how she tackles the writing process.

Our Discussion

3:29 Megan shares the story behind the apps she developed at age 15  

6:08 Megan shares the unique way she went from creating apps to being a published author 

10:41 We discuss how to find clarity on what you want to do with your life 

12:24 We discuss the idea of resistance as a psychological barrier, how resistance can give us clarity

18:14 Megan shares her insight on how the most productive people actually do less and have fewer goals 

20:46 Shelley shares the meaning behind The Big Self 

21:46 Megan talks about how to cut out overwhelm by looking at the daily commitment and not the larger goal 

28:16 We discuss Megan’s take on minimalism 

32:17 We discuss our views on self-help and what the end game of self-help is 

39:42 How to find Megan 

Guest Speakers

Megan Holstein