Authenticity Influencers? Unpacking Cultural Trends with Ben Cake

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
Published on
May 23, 2024

In this episode

Chad Prevost and Ben Cake explore the complexities of authenticity in various contexts, including personal relationships, marketing, and conflict resolution. They emphasize the importance of understanding the intent of others, simplifying complex ideas, and fostering a culture of acceptance and understanding.

They also discuss the value of authenticity in their respective fields, while acknowledging the challenges of balancing sincerity with the need to make promises and guarantees. Throughout the conversation, they highlight the significance of embracing one's authentic self and pursuing meaningful goals in various aspects of life.

High Notes:

Authenticity, philosophy, and personal growth.

Parenting advice, weekly struggles, and morale boosting.

Life, identity, and experimentation with various careers and jobs.

Identity, authenticity, and condescension in a seminary setting.

  • Chad and Ben discuss the idea that people are not solely defined by their occupation or income level.
  • Chad Prevost worked as a janitor at a church, experiencing condescension from an associate minister.

Authenticity in marketing and coaching.

  • Chad and Ben discuss coaching as a trusted space for self-exploration and growth, while also navigating marketing challenges.
  • Research on authenticity highlights consistency principle, where making someone feel inconsistent can manipulate them into action.

Authenticity, fear, and growth in relationships.

  • The elusive nature of happiness in consumerist culture.
  • The fear of being authentic and vulnerable in relationships, and how it can lead to feelings of being a burden or disappointment to others.

Authenticity, surprises, and self-discovery.

  • Ben reflects on marriage, authenticity, and self-discovery.
  • Chad surprised himself by saying yes to cold plunging with strangers, found serendipity in nature and community.

Spirituality, personal growth, and the challenges of maintaining expanded consciousness.

  • The idea of "surrender" and "tasting the numinous" in therapies like mushroom use or other modalities, which some people see as a shortcut to expanded consciousness.
  • The limitations of psychedelic drugs for personal growth, emphasizing the importance of consistent practice.
  • Chad references Phil Stutz and Barry Michaels' tools as a helpful resource for personal growth through deliberate practice.

Authenticity, self-awareness, and the challenges of modern life.

  • The challenges of modern life, including the pressure to prioritize self-actualization over basic needs.
  • The idea of living a more conscious, expanded life within the ordinariness of modern life.
  • The importance of self-awareness and authenticity in making decisions.
  • Chad Prevost discusses the choice between staying in a comfortable but unfulfilling life or taking risks for personal growth.
  • Chad acknowledges the challenges and side effects of both choices, emphasizing the importance of personal growth and awareness.

The concept of "no easy button" and its relation to authenticity, struggle, and creativity.

  • Speaker reflects on the illusion of an "easy button" and the reality of ongoing struggle, even for those who appear successful.
  • Chad Prevost and Speaker 2 discuss the concept of "fu money" and its relationship to authenticity, as explored in Sartre's philosophy.
  • Speaker 2 suggests that wealth can lead to a false sense of security and isolationism, hindering personal growth and authenticity.
  • Speaker 2 describes feeling grateful for recognition of their natural talent, but recognizes it may not lead to easier life.
  • Speaker 2 finds appreciation from others for their natural abilities, but marketability remains a challenge.

Prioritizing tasks and balancing personal growth with community responsibilities.

  • Speaker struggles with prioritizing, finds community helpful in personal growth.
  • Speaker 2 reflects on their decision-making process, seeking authenticity in daily choices.
  • Chad Prevost shares a personal anecdote about negotiating authenticity in a moment of interruption.

Midlife crisis, ego, and essence, with a focus on personal growth and self-awareness.

  • Chad and Speaker 2 discuss the midlife passage and shedding the ego to find essence.
  • Speaker 2 discusses midlife crisis, questioning what comes next after failed dreams or unfulfilled expectations.

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