Arm Yourself With Information with Lakweshia Ewing

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
Published on
February 10, 2020

In this episode

On this week's episode, we have a wide-ranging conversation with Lakweshia Ewing.

From her ten steps toward self-improvement to building a community for everyone to re-structuring our thinking to building the right kind of product to what her faith means to her, Lakweshia Ewing has a lot to offer. An eternal optimist, she gives us her authentic self, and her powerful thoughts and insights into the things she's seen and learned working with individuals and communities all over the world.

Thanks for tuning in to the Big Self Podcast. We are a learning community for people at a career crossroads ready to rejoin their soul and their role. We have long-form conversations about self-awareness, relationships, tapping into your inner genius, and building sustainable habits.

Our Discussion

2:58 Lakweshia tells us a little about herself and a life-changing event in her life

5:57 Lakweshia shares what struggle in her life led to her developing her UNLEARN approach

10:56 Lakweshia dives into the steps in her UNLEARNing process, describing each one by one

17:50 Lakweshia teaches a great lesson on failure

29:13 the conversation shifts to Lakweshia's work with organizations and the importance of knowing the history of that organization

33:55 We dive into an enlightening conversation on the equity (or lack of equity) of self-care

42:39 Our conversation shifts the idea of "community". What a loaded question we asked her!

52:41 Hear what books are impacting Lakweshia right now