All the reasons why you must discern your callings for an authentic life with Gregg Levoy

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Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
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Gregg Levoy writes that we must be willing to get shaken up, “to submit ourselves to the dark blossoming of chaos” in order to continue growing. People tend to search for answers about their purpose more when they’re confronted by a problem, or when there is something uncomfortable in their life. Levoy has written from a multifaceted lens about calling.

"Listen from down below if you want to hear from above," says Levoy.

On this week's episode in the Callings series, Levoy shares his wisdom on everything from how to invoke your call, to whether a call is a right or a privilege, to how to listen, and even the consequences of following your call or NOT following.

Our Discussion

2:15: How do you invoke a call?

7:05: Gregg's definition of callings

12:15: The wonderful Jewish proverb about listening from below to hear from above

18:40: Is it a privilege to pursue one's call in the first place?

21:15: Most people know it when they're in alignment with themselves

26:30: An example of someone who just stuck with it

34:27: On maybe not meditating some times

44:22: On managing paradox better

Guest Speakers

Gregg Levoy

Find Gregg and his book, Callings, at his site here.

If you’re interested in callings go to Big Self and download the free activity we’ve created for you to get clear on your core values. It’s fun. It takes 15 minutes, and we believe core values are a critical component of your callings work.

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