A Different Wiring Structure with Tom Gautreaux

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
Published on
July 21, 2023

In this episode

Tom Gautreaux is one of those what we call local legends that we organically find opportunity to speak with. These easygoing conversations focus around building an identity–a self–that finds success in the world, and how they have experienced building a life in ways that sometimes haven’t, but mostly have, flourished.

Tom’s our next door neighbor. His father is the well-known novelist and short-story writer, Tim Gautreaux. Tom shows up in this episode with how he grew up and how that shaped him, and how a vocation found him that kept him sustained and excited for all these years.

I find the conversation warmed up and we ended up landing on generational work style differences, social media, leadership, the art and challenge of giving effective feedback, and the issue of doing a hard thing every day.

Like all of our guests for Season Five, this is an organic and unscripted conversation.

Our Discussion

Not all lawyers will be happy being lawyers. 0:00

Generational work style differences, social media leadership, art.

How did you get started in law? 3:13

The importance of being exposed to different management styles and personalities.

Burnout and proving value.

How did you become an addict to work hard? 7:43

The myth of being a rock in an island.

Mentor/coach/guiding light.

How do you view success? 11:40

Millennials burnout and digital natives. 17:15

Differences between the younger generation and our generation. 21:18

Employees view things differently than students.

Employees are more attune to work-life balance.

Finding what you love to do. 24:33

How to be effective at giving feedback. 29:06

The importance of being effective at giving feedback.

How to become a very effective leader.

Do one thing every day that scares you every day. 35:55

Guest Speakers

Tom Gautreaux