Gratitude Gut Check

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
Published on
November 26, 2019

In this episode

Happy Thanksgiving holidays! How can gratitude be a way of life? Why is it so hard?

Shelley and Chad explore the hidden gem of how to realistically live in gratitude regardless of circumstance.

Our Discussion

2:22--Boot Camp Update and focusing on inner purpose

6:00--The hidden gem of gratitude’s power, and why is it so hard to practice?

10:40--The dance between going for your goals and accepting limitations

15:45--Neuropsychologists are seeing brain shifts when you adopt a gratitude practice

20:21--What would you say are some gratitude practices we can do now?

27:35--Chad sees women being more comfortable practicing gratitude than men

31:58--Shelley points out a good book by Gary Vaynerchuk on the “Thank you economy”

Guest Speakers

Shelley & Chad Prevost

The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk