Is Your Ladder Leaning on the Right Wall?

Interview by
Dr. Chad Prevost
Dr. Shelley Prevost
Published on
October 27, 2019

In this episode

Welcome to the BIG SELF podcast! First, Shelley and Chad tell you how to put the SELF into the BIG, and it can be hard and easy at the same time. They play a round of He Said She Said on the subject of language in the workplace and should women try to adapt to men or men to women? Then, for Whatcha’ Reading Shelley talks about one of her all-time favorites: Parker Palmer’s, Let Your Life Speak.  

We want you to wake up every day and actively design the life you’re meant to live. We help you do that, one big idea, and one tiny moment at a time.

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Our Discussion

2:16--Shelley discusses positive psychology, the scientific study of happiness

3:00--Where did the idea of Big Self come from?

8:00--Boot camp update, misunderstanding stress in our bodies

10:55--The biggest hurdle people face when trying to get to the “big” of big self

15:45--The problem is we believe there is a destination and want to jump to the results

20:00--Why aren’t men more a part of the conversation?

27:27--Shelley discusses Let Your Life Speak and the power of Parker Palmer’s book

Guest Speakers

Shelley & Chad Prevost