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For those who want to realign with their purpose, discover inspiration, and develop habits for sustaining the results they desire. Similar to the Burnout Coaching Package, but at a more intensive engagement, aspiring to meet as close to weekly as possible over the course of 4 months.

Package Details

  • 4-month engagement (16 weeks)
  • Enneagram Compass Test + 90 Minute Typing Interview followup
  • Meet weekly for up to 16 55-minute sessions. Meet right away, meet weekly
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Educational Psychologist
Licensed Professional Counselor
Mental Health Service Provider
Enneagram Coach

Hey there! I'm Chad Prevost.

After receiving my Masters of Divinity three years out of college, I went on to get an M.A. in Literature, and a Ph.D. in Creative Writing. That led to a decade of teaching at universities and colleges in writing and literature. Since then, I have worked as a solopreneur in publishing, a freelance writer for various trades, and as a reporter, analyst, and broadcast specialist for a logistics startup. Throughout these experiences, I always wanted to get back to my early call to use my learning and skills in service to others. I’ve come out the other side as an Executive Coach. My latest book is an investigation and practical application into the Enneagram called, Shock Point: The Enneagram in Burnout and Stress.

I am a certified professional Enneagram practitioner with the Chestnut-Paes Enneagram Academy, as well as a trainer and teacher from Jerome Wagner’s Enneagram Spectrum Certification program, and have also trained with Ginger Lapid-Bogda. I am currently enrolled in the Newfield Network coaching certification program, the first program ever to be certified by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

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Executive Coach
Certified Enneagram Coach and Facilitator
Award-winning journalist and podcast host
Creative Writing Ph.D., M.A., M.Div

Hey there! I'm Shelley Prevost.

I am an Educational Psychologist (Ed.D.), Licensed Professional Counselor with a Mental Health Service Provider designation (TN #1835), angel investor, TEDx speaker, and workshop facilitator.

In 2010, I left my clinical practice and went to work as an internal service provider for a venture capital firm. I served as the Director of Happiness and resident shrink for four years before starting my own hardware technology company. In 2018, after recovering from deep burnout, I felt a strong call to integrate my experience and passions in psychology, business, and leadership development to eliminate burnout and help others recover from it. This led to the creation of Big Self School.

I am a certified Enneagram practitioner through the Chestnut-Paes Enneagram Academy and am committed to integrating the Enneagram into my coaching and my own personal development. The Enneagram is a personality system that reveals our drives, motivations, mental traps, blindspots, and growth paths for lasting psychological and spiritual growth.

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Coaching FAQs

Why do you use the Enneagram to help with burnout?
What other assessment tools do we use besides the Enneagram?
What if I already know my number?
What is it about your test that sets itself apart from others?
Do you have to take an Enneagram test to know your type?
What if I don’t have an official “leadership” title?
Can I continue working with my coach after the time runs out?
What if I don’t use all my sessions by the end of the package?