hi, i'm shelley.

Who is Big Self work for?

  1. You've checked all the boxes, met expectations, and have done work you're proud of. You're a high-achiever who doesn't play small, but you aren't interested in the typical trappings of success either - accumulating power and wealth aren't your ends, and the hustle and grind aren't your means.
  2. You are wholehearted and want to use your gifts to build a business you're proud of, to make positive change, to solve large problems, and to lead with integrity.  
  3. You're ready to join your "soul and role" so that you can do your ambitious work in the world without losing sight of what matters most.
  4. This is Big Self work.

The Big Self Podcast

Become a student of yourself. Join Shelley and Chad weekly on the Big Self podcast as we bring you the practical tools, science-backed resources and inspiration to rejoin your soul and role.

Who you are is core to what you do.

When you understand your ego and how to bring it in service to your soul, your work in the world will be impactful and pioneering. It is the work that only you can do, in the way only you can do it.

Shelley Prevost